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From an ugly duckling to a swan

Moving to Sweden from the US late 1991 and buying my husband’s parents home from the 50’s was not my ideal dream house. Since I wasn’t working back then I took a lot of my time changing dark funky wall papers and painting all the walls white or a lighter shade of beige. I just wanted my swedish home to feel a little bit more Californian.

In 2004 we finally decided to do a complete remodeling of the house. Finding an architect was no problem. You just go in to www.arkitet.nu and there, the site is full with so many different architects to choose from. The difficult part was choosing the right one that would suit us both. My husband asked me to check out the site and didn’t mention which one he liked the best. After scheming through several architects, I showed him who I like and low and behold, we both chose the same one, “Pål Ross!” 

Our immediate meeting with Paul was a complete success! He was very kind, warm, thoughtful and down to earth! His background was amazing, having lived abroad and utilizing different aspects of creativity in his projects to create something outside of the norm made us feel confident in his expertise. My dream home would finally come true!

He asked us what we were looking for in a home? Where is our comfort zone? My first thought was, “a huge walk in closet”! typical women, but I didn’t have to mention that. I believe he read my mind! Our thoughts were; a home that feels spacious, that would entertain our guests, our teenage daughter to have her own place and for us to be able to take advantage of the view that surround us, especially Edsviken. Our house is located on top of the hill overlooking our neighborhood and with a sea view. It was such a waste not to be able to wake up every morning and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea.

As we grew with anticipation for the drawings, our anxieties were relieved with such beautiful drawings of our house! It was out of the realm that we did expect! It was breath-taking and so fabulous, we couldn’t wait until it was completed! An old “funkis hus” became an oval white house on top of the hill! Being an American, my friends used to tease me that I live in the “White House”! It was to good to be true!

There are so many windows, walls removed, ceilings lifted, terraces to enjoy the magnificent view of the sea, an open grand kitchen with a big island kitchen counter / bar, spacious walk-in- closet, bathrooms big enough for three and bedrooms that are so airy and large that you can also furnish it with a sofa. Every corner, every detail and new construction of each room were carefully thought of and drawn with consideration. Each placing of the windows, living, dining room and kitchen in one made a harmonious and aesthetic setting of our home!

The curvy island in our kitchen became the main area for our socializing! It is very different and unique and the company we hired to do our kitchen had a difficult time constructing the curvy oak counter. But Paul was very adamant and made sure that the handy-work was perfect and precise to the extent that he himself came and made the necessary adjustments.

We are so pleased and grateful Pål that you took pleasure in being there at hand. Your professionalism, expertise, experience and your ability to bring a fresh look to our house was very uplifting! The style, personality and approach you created in our home is so compatible to what we’ve dreamed of.

Our re-built house is admired by many and well talked of, as a, “Pål Ross” production! Our children, their friends and ours, are all very impressed of the beautiful, balance, aesthetics and functionality of our new home!

From an ugly ducking to a swan, that is what our house has become! A home that we love and are very proud of! Thank you Pål for making our dream house come true!

Ägarna av Villa Maria