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After more than 60 years, Torpet’s owners have decided to offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire a magnificent property on the unspoiled island of Hamburgö on the west coast of Sweden. The island is located 120 kilometers north of Gothenburg and 180 kilometers south of Oslo. This beautiful, popular island is easily accessible by line-ferry and boat. One can Google, Norgård 2:118, Hamburgö, Sweden.

The property is huge; appx 44,000 m2, of which half is pasture and woodland, and the other half granite hillside. In addition to the original summer cottage and guesthouse, there is a building right on the property, which means you can build new house for your family, or you can decide to sell the sub-division. 

Estate agents have valued the sub-divided plot to between 2,5 and 3,5 million SEK. Torpet itself is valued at 10,5 million or more. The property has county water and sewage and also has a double garage built into the hillside. There is also a dock spot on the protected side of the island. 

Norgård is an absolutely MUST SEE in order to appreciate its incomparable worth. It is very private. There are spectacular sea views, and the property is situated in such a way that secludes it from its neighbors.

Asking price with subdivision: 13,000,000:- SEK

For more information call Ross at 073 982 3300

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